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~Karl RenuskijipPatti Destumitexflar
Abbreviate Serveur
Dear all, I am writing an agent that collect the server's name into a form as doc, where the server name is defined in...
~Manny XantumizenikleJames Xannulygon
Filter view by replicaID
I need to filter documents in a view based on replicaID, I have categorized the column. Now, if there are more document for...
~Holly Elnimaretsi
Date range embeded html view
Hi All,
i need to display a report on web. User should select a date range and should dispaly a embeded view based on the...
~Kim Preregenobu
Only new mail in all document view showing
I have weird problem. I have two users that when I go into all document view on their machine I only see new messages from...
~Vanessa BreresalyliHolly Cisaburakoi
Trying to set a simple doc......
Hi, I have a function where I have passed the collection vc,
some how the doc is nothing, yet i am setting it.. and this...
~Zach Quetponesononi
Garbled Incoming Email
We're getting garbled email coming in from a certain (important) client. What should I look for in troubleshooting this...
~Elizabeth Ekkroteroni
Name change in Application
Good Afternoon All, I have a requirement to update a name in the application.. The name field is a multi value field which...
~Olga AsakroburakoiLorraine Asagerolyobu
Remove the email body contains
Hi All, I am trying to send an email with attachment but want to keep email body blank. Whenever I send some email with...
~Justin AsanithergonJustin Zenremaroni
Export Notes Mailbox to Outlook
Hi There, I have been searching online for a free tool that will enable me to convert a Notes mailbox to PST.(outlook),...
~Fred FezjumivitchflarSean Kikivitchettu
Names field
i have created a names field in the form,it is an editable field with choices which is view dialog for choices from a view...
~Elizabeth Bubkrozenobu
CTRL-SHIFT while opening names.nsf returns "You are not authorized"
When I am using a login with Editor access to the NAB/Domino Directory/names.nsf database on our servers, I expect that I...
~Tate CisniterakoiHolly Umnuburobu
Saving Attachments outside of Notes
I have a database that has a some attachments that can get pretty large in size. I would like to save the attachments...
~Kirk Breresalyli
set frameset different page based on roles
I tried the URL, it seems to give me an error. How do I set my frameset to display based on roles? Different roles get...
~Richard Lopluburoden
How to update a richtext field in the UI document ?
What is wrong in my code ? I am trying to update a richtext field in the uidoc, but it still not refresh the field, any...
~Mark Xanjipysteretsi
Document ordering, need some ideas
I need some mental stimulation. I've been looking at this long enough that I'm not seeing the forest or the trees. Any...
~Rebecca ZekretexgonChris Nonlulen
Send mail with attachment on button click
Hiii I have a send button in a Memo form.There is a richtextlite field for uploading files as attachment.My requirement is...
~Rex KifanasonodenDana Chutumiman
How to declare a procedure with optional parameters in Lotusscript?
Thanks a...
~Vijay Quettoovitchoden
Using JavaScript to call agent
Is there another method for JS to call an agent then "location"? I've found that when using any statement with "location"...
~Martha ZekfanaverflarHolly Nonwechekoopsi
Compare two arrays
Hi All, I have a set of hidden fields. I am populating values on those fields based on array values(Strings). I have one...
~Tony KireHolly Xanjumiman
control the position of the save document
Hi All, My documment include 4 section. Is it possible for me to set a "bookmark" for the 3rd section? For example I set...
~Evelyn XanponekonyikleYentl Kihipimarli
Export to MS Word 2007 - access Header & Footer
Hi everybody, Does anybody know please, how to write in MS Word 2007 document's header and footer from Lotus Notes? I need...
~Autumn Xanaverakol
Disable Address book's autocomplete feature of Lotus Notes
Hi Guys,
Just want to ask your help on how to disable autocomplete feature of Lotus Notes version 5 and 6. The scenario is...
~Jennifer Fezfooburoni
smtp unexpected behaviour
Hello! smtp tasks writes back on the server console "21.11.2009 10:44:15 Router: Failed to connect to SMTP host...
~Rex KifanasonodenDana Chutumiman
Question about Computed Subform
Insert a computed subform in a form, select its value type to Formula, in the programmer's pane type in a field name...
~Pippy Dwoalyjip
Archive link missing
Hi all, I manually applied archive settings on a mail-in Database. The archiving works perfectly. However, the link of the...
~Rex KifanasonodenDana Chutumiman
Is ($LookupSomething) a hidden view?
What does $ symbol...
~Dana ReresaplopaderLaura Cisresalitetsi
Storing documents into a shared drive
I currently have an application that when users select a link it takes them to another Notes application where they store...
~Rebecca NonnisterakoiPaul Nonfreeskijip
Graph on web
I want to generate a graph on web. I have gone through many posts in the forum but most of them are client based. Any...
~Kirk Breresalyli
filter based on date criteria
I have created a filter (setviewinfo) by status. But...after filtering, I need to also set the filter range between certain...
~Kelly Cisboosikonyjip
SAX_FatalError not fired!
Hi, please can anyone see why SAXFatalError is not called when running this code? The Print statement in SAXFatalError is...
~Hal Deskroteretsi
Microsoft Office Library Template menu options don't work
We have created a Notes application using the Microsoft Office Library (8) template within Notes. The first step in...
~Samuel Opkiteroopsi
AgentThread Red screen of death
I have a java agent calling a method in a script library to do the majority of the processing. The process basically parses...
~Lorraine NimfreestergonTip Nimtumivitchetsi
Will this work? Set all fields blank on a webquery open agent?
I have a form that I want to be sure all the fields are blank every time it is opened. I was thinking that if I have an...
~Mark XankroskiobuManny Prefreelen
"After New Mail Arrived" Agent
We are using one mail database(not mail-in database) to run This Agent. I need to extract some data from mails coming to...
~Dana ReagenyndsDelores Zenfanatexflar
mailto: - to a field?
I have a field on a form 'StaffEmail' that I want to make a hotspot so the managers can click on that and e-mail the...
~Tony Churesaskietsi
Get docs from view column header sort
I have an LS agent that extracts docs (all or selected) from a view into an excel object. All very common and simple,...
~Rex ZennumarlenGeorge Dwoniver
Returning sorted data for Web 2.0 use
Ive been using Ext JS for some time now and it works very well together with Domino. Others use Dojo or other frameworks...
~Lily LopnupulodenKirk Kilusonettu
Not replying to a specific sender!!! (Please can somebody help me?)
Please can somebody help me! I'm already 8 days searching my doubt at the forum, in the internet..., with no success so...
~Richard NonjipylyakolWei Umgerogenflar
Error when send message
Failture report: mail: aaa Can't reach <>
Reason: No route found to domain from server SRV1/ZX....
~Alexis Rekroburgon
2 tables in 1 document
Hi! I want to create 2 tables in 1 document. When 1 create this first one, there is no problem to fill the text in but when...
~Ted QuetniverobuUmberto Kiresapuloni
Readers field
I have a readers field in which I am placing a field which contains person names.In that field I am selecting names from...
~Carol Renuakol
Replication problem
Server A has a connection doc to Server B that is Push Only. Replication between Server A and Server B has been fine (to...
~Dana ReagenyndsDelores Zenfanatexflar
Help with view coding
I have a view that displays sessions on the web based on the following: SELECT Form = "Training" & Web = "Yes" &...
~Kirk Breresalyli
all status
Below is my reporting code: It only works with 1 status - vstatus=Cstr(dialog.Status(0)). As Status is a multi-value...
~Justin Minfreetexnivu
Local Folders do not replicate to Server
User creates a new folder on the local replica. Replicating with the server does not create the Folder on the server...
~Yentl Quetkrotexnivu
Somebody named "CN=jacare/O=UB2" is creating lots and lots and lots of duplicate documents.
For what it is worth, the thousands of documents seem to have been modified last by...
~Mary Bubtumikonyoden
domino server SSO problem
the problem is that
I would like to directly get the webpage content
what should i do?...
~Kirk Asafreethergon
DST update moves existing meetings by 1 hour during 1st 3 weeks of DST
Existing meetings (including reoccuring meetings) show one hour off (advanced) in the calendar for the additional 3...
~Samuel Elresalitjip
need information for the lotus software purchase
We are planning to purchase.....Lotus Software... what is PART Number.. for the software.. how to PART number for lotus...
~Denise Zentooakol
access to another user mailfile
I'd like to learn how other people handle situation where user A needs to send email from user B mailfile but from his/her...
~Andy Kitooski
Lotus notes client crash the first time we start it! NSD file included
I have a user than each time he restart is PC , when he try to start notes .. notes crash and get a NSD .. after he's able...
~Keiko Elboosisonakoi
v7.02 resides on v5 server-still accessible?
I am planning to put a .nsf created using v7.02 on a v5.08 domino server. However,I have a v7.02 notes client. Can I access...
~Justin Churesapulli
Properties of a new mail
How can I change de default values of font (type, size, etc) of de body of a new message ?...
~Hank Elhipigenikle
Adding a new field from browser
I'm trying to create a survey. In the survey there is a textbox and an button ("Add Button"). After filling the...
~August Eljumichekflar
variables in a view
Maybe a very simple question, but anyway: How to pass variables between view columns? e.g., i want to set a variable in...
~Ben Zenfoobergader
Document Hide
We want to hide some of the document from users , but admin can see that . Like Admin will select some documents and...
~Xagra Reresalitobu
Printing signature
Hello, I created a signature with 2 columns like this (without dots). Regards
~Mario Rejipyzenader
Finding which list element occurs the most often
Before I switch to LS to do this, I thought I'd ask in here as I feel there could be a really simple and elegant way to do...
~Chloe Desponetherlen
Turn off View Search (Starts with...) on embedded views?
Embedded views are great, but when using one together with in-view editing, the automatic pop-up dialogue, that helps you...
~Sven Nimlupulynds
Date misbehavoiur
when I create a document on the server (no matter with what client) I get this: Created: 02/26/2007
~Joan Chuavitchader
Field validation using formula
Hi... im having some n fields in a form. In each and every field there is an validation....
~Umberto Cisponeburoni
TWO Mailing Servers
Hi, I am having two Mailing servers one is lotus notes server and other is PostFix. What settings should i do in Lotus...
~Nita Umfanatexynds
Create an appointment in javascript
I want to create an appointment in Javascript. I have problems specifying the dates/times of the meeting. Lotus Notes...
~Jennifer Nimjumiverakoi
Field Does Not Display Expected Value on Web
I'm trying to determine why a field on a form that's displayed on the web is not displaying its expected value. Here's the...
~Joseph Cisamanoopsi
How to display view of another database into current view
Dear All,
I am searching multiple database.. the search result is accurate but m unable to display information from another...
~George Kiazenakol
InternetPassword Synchronize ADSYNC
Hi all Can i synchronize the password changed at client side for the user with domino internetpassword. I have installed...
~Maria Asahipipulli
Still getting error 91 using C&S agents
Hello, running the C&S update agent (admin). I'm getting this error while running the script, causing it to loop....
~Juan Chuboosimarakoi
WebMail Failing
Hi We have Domino installed over a Server Win2003 and we all use webmail as default access to check our accounts. I have...
~Ted Dwofanamarli
Multiple values formatting problen
I have a formatting problem with data coming via a LEI from ORACLE. Within the ORACLE field names written like this: Meier,...
~Keiko Desfreelyflar
Mail sent internally (within Domino) at 8AM not arriving until 11 AM?
Message Tracking confirms delivery at 11AM
User's sent folder confirms sending at 8 AM There was a rather sizable...
~Chloe Ekkrochekgon
Export Jpeg's from documents
We have an application based on individuals. It has an rtf field with a picture of the person,
I want to export this and a...
~Chloe Retoomaroopsi
Keep Text Field Value
If I created a text field using a html code for example <input type="text" name="firstname">, whenever the form refresh or...
~Tate Xannivitchoden
hi all
i have one query that how can we decrease the time consumption in using of @dblookup as the
current document...
~Karl Quetjumiburings
Mail-in Database
I have read through the forum on mail-in databases and have a question. If I want several email address to go to one...
~Martha Breveluskili
How to Delete User name From NAB
Hi all, There are 4 grope A,B,C and D in NAB.when i register new User A in profile DB. it name is added to NAB , A group....
~Sven Ekresakonyynds
DWA - DST Hotfix and Language Pack
We have DWA running with the French Language Pack applied on Domino 6.5.5 servers. Does anyone know if there is a...
~Ned Elaskioden
Mac 7.0.2 Smart Upgrade
I am having difficulties getting the Smart Upgrade to work with Mac OSX 10.4 with Release 6.5.4 installed. I have had the...
~Dana Refoochekakoi
Inotes6 Upgrade
Hello, I have Just updated the mail file of some users from INotes60 To INotes6 the conversion process was successfull
~Ned Umfreecheknivu
Javascript Submit executes form.submit despite errors
Good Day All, I am having an issue were when I click submit the f.submit() at the end of my code is executing, despite the...
~Lisa Kigeroskilen
Discussion Template/Newsletter agent
What do I need to change if I want to use the newsletter agent and interest profile from the Discussion Template in another...
~Isaac Quethipitexettu
Move to new certifier
Our requests for name changes - move to new certifier have just stopped working. We only get as far as selecting the new...
~Pippy Dwojumijip
What's wrong with "Evaluate"?
I caeated an agent Useing Evaluate, there is an error in coding below, Would you please tell me what's wrong with...
~Kim Opgerotexobu
can anyone translate IBMish into English, please
Last month, IBM announced...
~Martha Umvelukonyynds
Launch notes database from within Word Doc
Is there a way to launch a Notes database from within a word doc. I can go from Notes to word...but not sure about going...
~Sigmund Zekhipiberglen
Problem with cross-cerifying - Why it doesnt work?
Hi All,
I have one small Domino domain/organization (let say Org1@Dom1). It was decided to change existing domain name...
~Kim Umtoobur
Getting increase EVENT_POOL_SIZE error with PROBEMGR queue?
Has anyone seen this error on their ND7 server: Event: Error posting event to event queue 'PROBEMGR': Insufficient memory -...
~Joan Deslutheroni
Move files to a directory
I am reading text files on our network and writing them to a Notes Database. When I am finished with the file, I would like...
~Delores Desponeplopli
Rich Text Field Validation
I want to validate a rich text field in a new document for Notes Client. How is it possible ? with...
~Laura Nonveluburjip
Agent to add readers field
Hello! I have a problem with an agent to create a readers field. I created the agent : Dim doc As NotesDocument
~Judy Umjumiskiakoi
PICKLISTCOLLECTION in LotusScript - unique values only?
Hello. Here is some LotusScript code I have written. Is there any way to do a Unique on this view so that the user doesn't...
~Judy Fezremanynds
Delete all documents using Mail Policy
Hi, Is it possible to delete all documents older than X days from a mail file, regardless of whether they have been...
~Kim Zenremaroden
How to encrypt document without having encryption key......Urgent......
Hi All, I have created a form with few encryption fields. I have generated an encryption key. if users create a document...
~Alexis Elfooskioni
Different display on identical picture ressources
in my application I included 10 nearly identical picture ressources which are as a picture map for navigational...
~Bella Nonnuvitchoopsi
safari & request_content field(s)
When using IE PC, Firefox PC/Mac the request_content field contains the HTML encoded form data. I noticed today that the...
~Autumn Kijipymanakol
Problem migrating R&R to a new server
I am in the process of decomissioning a server (call it ServerA) that has been running R&R. I have replicated the DB to...
~Laura Cistumilylen
print from WebQuerySave agent
I want to print some output to the browser from the WebQuerySave agent. I have seen in this forum that this should...
~Ted Dwofanamarli
DocLink to ORACLE document
Is there an easy way to link via a document number in a form to an ORACLE database (document), which is locally installed...
~Elizabeth Bubboosibergader
Document Library - Submit for Review
I would appreciate any help on this one. I have created a document library using the standard StdR7WebDocLib template. When...
~Tip Froboosisonetsi
Accessing Profile Document Problem.
Hi Forum Members, I have the following sceanrio: User A --> mail file A
User B --> mail file B 'A' is having delegation...
~Richard Minrebergetsi
External Recipients Have Problems with Our Mail
2 seperate external smtp mail recipients have reported that when they receive email from people at our company all the...

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